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Trump viewed as ‘one of the country’s worst presidents’, Fox News poll indicates

by Matt Mathers

Some 42 per cent of voters say they will remember Donald Trump as “one of the country’s worst presidents”.

That’s according to a recent poll by Fox News, Mr Trump’s once favoured network.

Pollsters spoke to a random national sample of 1,007 registered voters by phone, in interviews conducted between 6-9 December.

They asked Americans a number of questions on how they viewed the president, who is set to leave the White House in January next year. Some 8 per cent of respondents said Mr Trump will be remembered as “below average”.

Nearly a fifth (16 per cent) said he will go down in the history books as “above average”.

Meanwhile, 22 per cent said the defeated incumbent is “one of the greatest” presidents the US has ever seen.

Those figures highlight how polarising a character Mr Trump has become in the past four years.

Despite losing the 2020 election to Joe Biden, who is now president-elect, Mr Trump still secured more than 74 million votes.

His campaign team claims that is more votes than any other sitting president in US history.

Fox said the poll, carried out in conjunction with Beacon Research, had a margin of sampling error of +3 percentage points.

And while Mr Trump won almost 11 million more votes in 2020 than he did in 2017, he has garnered more negative feelings than any other president, CNN reported.

The only other commander-in-chief who was so poorly favoured at the end of his presidency in a five category poll was George W. Bush, the outlet added.

Some 36 per cent of voters surveyed by Gallup in a 2009 poll said Mr Bush would be remembered as a “poor president”.

Source: Yahoo News

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