Middle East is bracing for serious crisis owing to Trump Administration’s Flawed and insensible Policies aimed at establishing his hegemony in Iraq, Syria, Libya the broader Middle East. Trump Administration has messed up the policy to the extent that he has started bearing the brunt of his antagonist policy towards the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

Russia’s involvement in Presidential Election was proven including Ukrainian imbroglio that prompted Democrats to impeach Trump owing to his arrogant and insensible decision that risked the National interests of the United States. According to some Democrats, Trump’s arrogant and hasty decisions have invited severe criticism for the US throughout the world as Trump Goes with Policy of “Trump first than America First”.
The diplomatic relations have been escalated with Iran over the killing of Top General and the second most influential person in Iran –General Qassem Suleimani in a Drone Strike within the limits of Baghdad International Airport.

He was in charge of Al Qudus in Iraq, Mournings began flooding streets both in Iraq and Iran and angry protesters started chanting anti-slogans against Donald Trump and the United States. There were thousands of mourners in the funeral prayers.  The Protests and anger compelled Iraqi Interim Government to pass a resolution against the expulsion of US and Allied Forces since their services were not required anymore in Iraq as the US Drone strike had infringed upon the sovereignty of Iraq and it was also the sheer violation of International law by attacking a sovereign state.
The Impeachment will make very difficult for his second term Presidential Race this Year given serious type of Allegations against him.

The decisions that cost him heavy include Trumps’ unilateral withdrawal from Paris Agreement 2015 on climate change that was signed when Syria was battered due to civil war. Ever since Syria has been in the serious grip of Humanitarian crisis that includes food security, devastation, destruction of Infrastructure, Devastation of Public and Private Properties. The Security and Foreign Policy Experts are of the view that the crisis has been caused by some lucrative Oil reserves in the Middle East such as Saudi Arab, Iraq, Kuwait and Iran. The US had entered in Iraq and Afghanistan for so-called regime change and have been there for last 20 years but there seems to be no improvement after US Forces intervention in Iraq ousting General Saddam Husain regime who fought with US forces resulting his death.
The situation has been worsened thereafter when ISIS entered Iraq and other countries of the Middle East making the already fragile states in a serious security crisis. America’s announcement to provide security to Saudi Arabia was compromised when Yemen attacked the Oil Reserves of Saudi Arab. Donald Trump abruptly blamed Iran behind the incident but sensible Iran Leadership rejected US Claims.

Even Saudi Arab and Iran Relations are much escalated as both countries have differences over sectarian issues since Saudi Arab is a Sunni majority whereas Iran has a Shiite majority. The elements are using this sectarian divide to engage them in confrontation but the efforts of some pro-peace states have prevented a possible War between these two Muslim countries. Furthermore, President Donald Trump’s sudden surprising decision to abandon the arms treaties with Iran and Russia has been counterproductive as Iran has restarted its Uranium enrichment plants and Russia is resetting its footprint in the Middle East and Africa as US forces leave Syria leaving a vacuum that was filled by Russia and Turkey.

Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) agreement was signed by Barrack Obama the then President of United States and the Moderate President of Iran Hasrat Rouhani in 2015. Iran had agreed to limit its nuclear plan, and in return, all tough economic sanctions imposed against her will be lifted. That was a win-win agreement, though Iran had to sacrifice its bid to become a nuclear power. Trump’s courtiers and advisors came with wither plan to escalate the situation with Iran so that the US must be dragged into conflict with Iran as both countries reflect a contentious history of decades not just years. Donald Trump scrapped the treaties just releasing both to fly with no barriers.

Iran and other countries are waiting for this year’s Presidential Election outcome to decide the future course of action for the terms of engagement with the US with Democrats Leader if Trump loses second term Election.
There is another illogical step taken by Trump that is declaring Jerusalem as Eternal capital of Israel as well as the Golan Heights as Israeli territory. It has stirred serious consequences as Palestinians have started protesting against such statement and criticizing Trump Administration for making the illogical and irresponsible arrogant statements that are beyond understanding. Most of the Foreign Policy Experts are of the view the flawed Middle East policy of Trump Administration is whimsical or elusive. Trump is playing with fire that may become tragic for the region as there is no clear vision that may reflect the possible solution for the Middle East and the efforts aimed at bringing peace in the Middle East.

Everybody is aware that Jerusalem is the holy city for Christians, Muslims and Jews at the same time. It cannot be controlled or dominated under the Two-State Solution. Moreover, East Jerusalem was to become the Capital of the Palestinian Territory. During UNGA, Turkish President Recep Tayyab Erdogan had displayed the maps of ancient Palestine and how Israel gradually acquired the land expanding its boundaries illegally.
Furthermore, the UN body has also affirmed that Israel has no legitimate right to control Golan Heights which were annexed from Syria in 1967 and the West Bank, but Israel has been violating the Internal Law blatantly.

Trump has been under pressure from AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and Christian Fundamentalists influencing Trumps’ Middle East Policy that has supported Israel’s unilateral move to occupy Jerusalem.
These policy failures are causing too much damage to US foreign Policy and tarnishing the image of US in Middle East where protests have begun and the demands start echoing that the US should end their tumultuous siege of Middle East and expel its forces from the Middle East especially from Iraq, Syria and Libya since US Military and Allies went for regime change and defeating ISIS but instead of stabilizing these States have further destabilized them. Though it was able to contain ISIS and retrieval areas in ISIS control as a result of the death of Baghdadi.

Currently, there is no Governance system existing in these states. There are frequent incidents of the Civil War, Proxy wars and the whole system has collapsed. Donald Trump has been ranked most dangerous and quick-tempered President of United Stated who wagged Trade War with China and EU, though Trump has recently signed a trade agreement with China.

Trump has alienated the whole African countries. He did not play any role in resolving Kashmir Dispute -The Nuclear Flashpoint between the two Nuclear Powerneighbours i.e. India and Pakistan. Despite a lockdown of 170 days, Kashmir Still awaits Global response to exert pressure on India to lift over four months long Curfew in Jammu and Kashmir. Despite offering Mediation, he has done nothing so far that might have de-escalated the tension between two hostile nations since their Independence in 1947.

US-Iran Stand-off is yet another example of an impulsive president. Even Trump’s much-echoed Meeting with North Korean Military dictator Kim Jong-Un has also ended in smoke since there was no breakthrough or headway after three round of talks. Trump has  failed to attain any commitment out of Kim Jong-un . United States and the allies now face a far more hostile nuclear power than previously.

In short, Trump may be ranked as the worst President in the History of the United States, yet his aggressive foreign relations Still matter a lot. This year 2020 will play a decisive role as Trump is facing Impeachment Trial and the challenging Presidential Elections. This year will carve the future of Donald Trump, whether he gets re-elected for yet another 4 years’ term. What ever the outcome of the election, damages have been done as a result of his perilous foreign policy.
U.S. genuine strength lies in the universal standard of its of freedom. Military might with no arrogance. Not the bombastic, chest beating, arrogant and loud; fury and fire, without any long term strategy, that has come to characterize the Trump administration.

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