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Walmart Employee Fired after Racially Targeting a Black Customer

by Kalyn Womack

As if tensions aren’t high from the Walmart mass shooting days ago, customers still don’t get a break when racists are still on the loose. Monday, a Walmart employee was caught harassing a Black customer who was on his way out of the store, per ABC 7 News. The racist tirade was caught on video and cost the employee his job.

In the video, obtained by KABC-TV, a worker at the Moreno Valley Walmart stops a Black customer to check his receipt. While reaching in his pocket to find it, the employee got in front of him and said, “You people always trying to steal.” Before the customer could even get the receipt out to prove he bought what was in his cart, he told KABC the employee went full-blown Karen and started taking items from the cart to return to the shelf.

“I was like ‘what are you doing?’… I chased him down, said give me my item and I took the item back from him and then he went to my cart and took the other items out of my cart,” the customer told Eyewitness News. “So basically we’re fighting over the items… and then I said ‘Just give me a manager. Give me a manager’.”

After a person who appeared to be the manager showed up, the employee followed the customer repeatedly calling him the N-word. According to ABC 7, the customer filed an incident report in the store which, coupled with the video evidence, may have led to the employee getting the boot. A Walmart spokesperson told the LA Times the man is “no longer with the company.”

On the same day, another Walmart incident occurred in Chesapeake, Virginia but ended with a fatal result. Andre Bring opened fire inside the store claiming the lives of six people, per USA TODAY. Over in Lumberton, North Carolina another Walmart employee opened fire on his colleagues after an argument leaving one person injured.

More like this situation, a man won over $4 million in a settlement this summer after being racially profiled at a Walmart. I’m afraid this store will never be free from the unhinged behavior of their employees.

Source: The Root



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