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Where Did All the White People Go? Ranking the Blackest and Whitest Places in America, According to the New Census Data

by AfroWorldNews

Last week, the U.S. Census Bureau released its first trove of demographic data from the 2020 census, leading many to divest in cryptocurrency and put all of their money in the rapidly emerging washcloth market.

But where are the white people going? What will the rising majority look like? And who will make all the soap if America is getting less white?

While many outlets focused on the news that, for the first time in a half-century, the country’s white population declined, we decided to take a look at some of the other facts that show the country evolving into the multiracial nation feared by Republicans.

The Blackest States

Source: US Census Bureau
Source: US Census Bureau

While D.C. is still Chocolate City, Mississippi still ranks No. 1 as the state with the highest percentage of African American residents. Georgia and Louisiana are the only other states whose population is more than one-third Black, while Montana (.5 percent), Idaho, (.9 percent) and Wyoming (.9 percent) are the only three states that are less than one percent Black.

Where the White Things Are

Maine continues its reign as the whitest state, with a white population of 92 percent. The 10 states with the highest percentage of non-Hispanic white residents are:

  1. Maine: 92%
  2. Vermont 91.3%
  3. New Hampshire 91.1%
  4. West Virginia 90.9%
  5. Wyoming 90.7.%
  6. Idaho 90.7%
  7. Utah 88.7%
  8. Iowa 88.7%
  9. Montana 86.7%
  10. Nebraska 86%

Where Did All the White People Go?

As we previously noted, America’s white population has declined by 8.6 percent since the 2010 census, with Connecticut leading the way. However, don’t sell all your stock in Panera Bread just yet. There are still more than enough of D’Wights to go around.

The states with the largest percentage of decrease in white residents are:

  1. Connecticut: The state lost 10.5 percent of its white population…or maybe someone called the cops on them while they were sleeping.
  2. Illinois: When asked about the state’s 14.3 percent decline in Caucasians, white people replied: “But what about Chicago?”
  3. California: Cali’s white population declined by 8.3 percent. I blame Joe Rogan.
  4. Maryland: Maryland lost 7.7 percent of its white population, ending any hope for another season of The Wire.
  5. New Jersey: The Census Bureau did not state whether New Jersey’s 15.2 percent decline had anything to do with Chris Christie not letting white people across the bridge.
  6. West Virginia: Wait…is that why Joe Manchin trying to preserve the filibuster?
  7. Alaska: Sarah Palin stopped having kids and Alaska’s whites declined by 7.4 percent. Thankfully, they can see Russia from their window.
  8. New Mexico: New Mexico’s white population decreased by 7.3 percent. However, according to the researchers in the Walter White School of Chemistry, they still have the best meth.
  9. Oklahoma: After losing 6.3 percent of their residents, they are preparing another race massacre.
  10. New York: According to every episode of Friends and Seinfeld, New York had more than enough white people to lose 6.2 percent.

Where’d the Black People Go?

Here are the states that experienced a decline in their Black population since 2010:

  1. District of Columbia: Don’t worry. Most of the 6.3 percent of Black people who left D.C. moved to Silver Springs.
  2. Alaska: One Black person left Alaska and their population declined by 5.5 percent. A polar bear probably ate him.
  3. Illinois: a 3.3 percent decline. Damn you Black-on-Black violence!
  4. California: I heard the last Black man in San Francisco couldn’t afford rent, which is why the population declined by 2.1 percent.
  5. Michigan: Michigan lost 1.8 percent of its Black residents because they were tired of listening to Eminem songs.
  6. Mississippi: The 1.3 percent of Black people who left Mississippi did the right thing.
  7. New York: The .9 percent decline in New York’s population can be solely attributed to Jadakiss killing Dipset.
  8. South Carolina: The .9 percent decline can be solely attributed to Michael Harriot leaving.

Other Facts You Should Know

  • America’s Hispanic population is 18 percent.
  • Non-Hispanic whites are the minority in California, New Mexico, Hawaii, Maryland, Nevada and Texas.
  • There are 17 states where African Americans are not the first, second or third largest race or ethnic group (Alaska, California, Hawaii, Vermont, Idaho, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming)

The Roots

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