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White Minnesota man seen dragging, hitting cop with a Hammer.. But was not shot! Wonder why?

by AfroWorldNews

The substantial difference in the way police officers treat Black Americans versus white Americans continues to be exposed, and this time, there’s proof.

A new video has gone viral of a white man trying to escape police apprehension while harming them in the process. The man is seen trying to get away from officers as he drags one with his vehicle after allegedly hitting him with a hammer, per TMZ.

The suspect, Luke Alvin Oeltjenbruns, refused to wear a mask at a home improvement store in Hutchinson, Minnesota. He then hit an employee with a piece of lumber and fled the scene. The police were called and caught up with Oeltjenbruns in a mall parking lot moments later.

The Hutchinson PD claimed as Oeltjenbruns tried to flee the scene yet again, he hit an officer with a hammer and took off at a high rate of speed while the officer held on to the driver’s side of the vehicle. Officer Steven Sickmann, a 31-year veteran of the Hutchinson Police Department, was taken to the hospital but is now in stable condition while recovering at home.

Oeltjenbruns has been arrested on first-degree assault with great bodily harm.

This incident of white civilians receiving somewhat fair treatment from police officers after committing crimes is not isolated. Back in March, NewsOne created a list of white men who were violent but apprehended peacefully.

Robert Aaron Long was recently peacefully arrested after being accused of shooting and killing eight people in Atlanta back in mid-March. In Florida, a man named Nicholas Arnold Schock was also peacefully apprehended by police despite him making violent threats against customers at a restaurant and hitting a woman.

In West Hollywood, a white man was arrested peacefully after being accused of double murder and other violent crimes. His name is Peter Manfredonia.

Meanwhile, victims like George Floyd, Daunte Wright, Eric Garner, and countless others died at the hands of police. These men specifically were Black, unarmed, and not perceived as a threat.


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